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    Bumble Box is your family-time organiser--your monthly box of inspiration. Our boxes slip through the letterbox once a month and include everything you'll need to create magical moments together. We pay attention to the details and choreograph the three activities within each kit to perfectly suit the time of year and the sorts of activities families with young children (aged ~3-8) would enjoy doing together.


    Have a look at a few recent kits to see what Bumble Box families have gotten up to...

    The photo above shows our 'Bounty of Baubles' activity, one of three activities featured within our November 2016 box.

    January 2016:

    Let's have a look inside the 'Family Olympics' box

    Activity 1: Origami medals

    For your very own medal ceremony...

    Who wouldn't want to win the prize and wear one of these beauts? Subscribers received everything they needed to make four medals in preparation for their own Olympic medal ceremony.

    Activity 2: Ribbon dancing

    Because every Olympics needs an opening ceremony...

    Our kit included rainbow dancing ribbons for everyone in the family to get involved in twirling and swirling for the opening night's festivities. And since every Olympics needs a soundtrack, we provided a link to get them started.

    Activity 3: Family Olympics

    14 events selected to give everyone in the family a fighting chance...

    Our Family Olympics kit included everything families would need to stage their own games. We included a mix of events which would give little ones an advantage at times, but let everyone in the family show off their special tricks. This photo shows our matchbox scavenger hunt team event--a fun, inclusive event from the games.

    March 2016:

    Let's have a look inside the 'In the Air' box

    Activity 1: Bird match

    Native bird spotting made easy

    With bare branches overhead, March is the perfect time for a dose of bird spotting. In March 2016, our subscribers matched up native birds using these bird tiles and then took their knowledge out for a hike to try out their native bird spotting skills.

    Activity 2: Balloon tennis

    No matter the weather outside, this game will get the giggles out.

    Our March kit also included 4 fly swats and lots of colourful balloons for a rousing game of indoor tennis. Months on and subscribers still get their 'kit' out regularly to have another play on rainy days.

    Activity 3: Target practise

    Putting aerodynamics to the test

    Our March kit also included everything families would need to make paper planes and to construct a scoring pad on the floor.


    Players practiced their aim and scored points based on where their planes landed. A mid-month email from us provided tips on how to talk about basic aerodynamics with kids.

    October 2016:

    Let's have a look inside the 'Calm' box

    Activity 1: Worry dolls

    A listening ear at the ready...

    With lots of change in the air, Autumn can be a stressful time for young families--we decided to devote our October kit to 'Calm'. For this activity, we provided everything families needed to make their own worry dolls. The process of making the dolls was calming, and these little people ensured that our subscribers always had a listening ear at the ready.

    Activity 2: Mindful thoughts

    A happy thought to guide each day...

    As part of the October kit, we included 30 mindful thoughts printed on little cards. Once a day, our families drew a thought from the pouch, read it together and reflected upon the prompt throughout the day.

    Activity 3: Balloon ride

    An audio meditation script for families...

    As part of the October kit, 'Calm for Kids' shared their 'Balloon Ride' audio meditation with our subscribers so that they could visualise themselves flying away from their troubles and worries. This sort of meditative visualisation helps families to reset on stressful days.

    November 2015:

    Let's have a look inside the 'Light' box

    Activity 1: Shadow puppets

    Fun in the darkness

    Using the materials within our kit, Bumble Box families crafted shadow puppets to tell the story of George and the Dragon.

    Activity 2: Firefly sardines

    A lively mid-winter game

    Imagine you're a firefly (with a torch covered with a colourful scarf). Now, play sardines! This little game helped to make the most of the mid-winter darkness.

    Activity 3: Human sundial

    Learning about light

    Using pavement chalks, Bumble Box families tracked the movement of the sun throughout the day to create a human sundial.

    November 2016:

    Let's have a look inside the 'Kindness' box

    Activity 1: Kindness counts

    Five ways to show kindness...

    Our subscribers asked us to help bring more thoughtfulness home during the holiday season. With this insight, we decided to devote our November kit to recalling the five basic ways to show others kindness (just one relates to gifts). This little questionnaire helped family members to figure out which language of kindness spoke most lovingly to each member of the family.

    Activity 2: Clay baubles

    Clay baubles and gift topper hints in time for the holidays...

    Our November kit included clay, fittings and tools for our subscribers to make their own custom clay baubles for gift-giving or as gift topper hints for what's inside each package under the tree.

    Activity 3: Marbles

    A little quality-time before the holiday rush

    We can show kindness to others by gifting our time and full attention. We included a game of marbles within the November kit so that families could build up some fun memories of quality-time spent together before the holiday rush.

    April 2016:

    Let's have a look inside the 'Growing Wild' box

    Activity 1: Wildflower seedball making

    Bringing wildflowers and pollinators back home...

    The UK's native wildflowers are under threat and as their numbers dwindle, so do the populations of pollinators like bees and butterflies. As part of our April 2016 kit, we included all the makings for wildflower seedballs so that our subscribers could spread some loveliness and push out the dinner cart for pollinators where they live.

    Saving seed

    And many happy returns...

    Once the wildflowers had gone to seed, we provided Bumble Box families with little seed envelopes to store away some seeds for replanting in 2017. The cheery wildflowers put a smile on our faces for months and months mid-summer.

    Activity 2: Nature bingo

    Livening up the usual nature walk...

    With families often going for the same nature walk over and over again, our Nature Bingo cards helped Bumble Box families to mix things up and pay close attention to their surroundings.


    Within the April kit, we provided 8 bingo cards with stickers for marking.

    Activity 3: Under our feet

    A nature survey...

    With some tent pegs, twine and a clipboard with grid paper at the ready, we sent Bumble Box families off on their way to take a closer look at what lies beneath our feet. Little ones were encouraged to make a map and draw what they found along the way.

    June 2016:

    Let's have a look inside the 'Enchanted' box

    Activity 1: Fairy garden

    Complete with a cottage, pathway, people and a living forest

    This enchanting little fairy garden brings a smile our face. We provided everything Bumble Box families would need to bring their own garden to life...the dish, the compost, the seed, people, a spritzer bottle...everything.


    Many subscribers have shared that their gardens are still going months and months after planting.

    Activity 2: Earth, wind, water & fire

    A little game to enchant the mind...

    This game of quick thinking, speaking and throwing put our families to the test. On their turn, everyone in the family would name an enchanting animal which roams the earth, flies in the wind or swims in the water. With time pressure and no repeats, this little game brought out the giggles.

    Activity 3: Capturing the moment

    Learning to frame memorable moments in a low-tech way

    So, within our June kit, we provided all the props for families to have a chat about capturing a great photo and to have a turn at framing their own in a low-tech way.

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