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    A few words from Bumble Box families

    “We had puppet shows galore…my son did a fine job at performing for mummy when she got home, he does a very good dragon noise.”

    –Simon, dad of two, Bermondsey

    “Our daughter absolutely loves the boxes. They might push at the limits of her dad's crafting abilities, but that is a good thing! Making the boats [back in May 2016] and the secret garden in a dish [from June 2016] were particular hits! Thank you!”

    –Anna, mum of one, Brighton

    “You are actually a genius. The Bumble Box is amazing.”

    -Toni, mum of three, Herne Hill

    “Great to pull the kids from their electronic obsessions --without me spending hours pulling something together. I think this is fabulous! Thank you!”

    -Becca, mum of two, Herne Hill

    “LOVE Bumble Box!!!!”

    –John, dad of two, Clapham

    "My 6 year old son gets very excited when each Bumble Box arrives through the letter slot. Many evenings his first question when I arrive home from work is whether there is time for Bumble Box. This gives a bit of leverage over homework/chore completion ;-).


    I love these boxes as much as he does because they are a joyful reminder to step off the treadmill of school/ after school activities / homework / chores and spend time with my son and daughter (she's only 3, but can already participate in some of the activities)."

    -Jean, mum of two, Beckenham

    "Bumble Box motivates me to think outside the box and do something different and interesting with the kids. We loved the worry dolls. My daughter still has them by her bed!"

    -Julie, mum of two, Camberwell

    "I look forward to receiving our monthly Bumble Box that my children (4&6) love to get stuck into. Lately, we've loved making ricotta cheese and growing our own sprouts in petri dishes--they're still going strong 3 weeks on."

    -Alex, mum of two, Herne Hill

    "Good old family fun for the whole family with a few well thought and well-presented ideas. Our daughter is 2 years and 3 months. She loved the balloon tennis and stickers with birds on were always going to be a hit. The Bumble Box provided entertainment for three generations of Freeman women on Mother's Day which was lovely to watch."

    -Craig, dad of two, Surrey (check out his full review here)

    “I really enjoyed the activities, as did the girls. And I think once per month is the perfect spacing for the activities in the box. The [Matchbox] treasure hunt was a raving success and a great way to get my girls outdoors.”

    -Naama, mum of two, Cricklewood

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