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How 'Borrow my Doggy' made our son's year

Last year, our youngest declared that he'd like a cat for his birthday. Eek!

Supporting my toddler's request, research says children raised with pets in the home are much happier and content. But, though I love cats, my husband doesn't, our lifestyle wouldn't suit having a dog full-time and fish aren't great at cuddles. So, looking for options, I stumbled across 'Borrow my doggy'--it's a web community for those who fancy the companionship of a pet, but who aren't able to commit  full-time (and for pet owners who would appreciate a bit of help now and again). Having a look on the site, I found a dog we recognised from the local park (and one my son adores)--we got in touch and began to borrow her on Fridays and when her full-time family is away. 

Together, we've spent many a day in the park, visited castles in the countryside, chased squirrels (she, not we...), chalked the pavements, raced snails and generally made a my children's year. 

Adopting a pet has long been on our family's bucket list, but so long as our life doesn't match to having a pet full-time, Borrow My Doggy will do. Oh--and if your children are set on a cat? The best options we've found are visiting a friend's (they get testy when borrowed) and the Kitty Cafe in Nottingham (they welcome children). 

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