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Raven's nest

We look up at this time of year...

Walking through the park this morning, my tiny and I couldn't help but notice a raven grabbing up every feather and bit of fibre she could find. Her beak looked fuzzy clutching all the bits and bobs she had gathered to feather her nest. Another raven (presumably her male partner) stood on a branch of a nearby tree just below a gigantic twig nest as if standing watch. The mum  hopped around gathering and we watched as she finally flew up the growing nest at the top of the tree in three stages--probably in an effort not to lose her precious finds. 

With bare branches on the trees, but active birdlife around and about this time of year, it's the perfect time to have a nose in on what our wild neighbours are up. They'll be nesting, minding their clutch  and feeding babies over the next month or so...keep your eyes to the sky to spot nests near you. 

Don't know much about local wild birds? No problem! We love the RSPB's bird identifier tools or contact us to request a copy of our bird identifier card. Oh, too, we LOVE this little Bird Song book for a day in the park...

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