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Quality-time, for everyone's sake

I recently read this New York Times article about the importance of one-on-one time spent with our children.While much of what's has been written about parenthood focuses on what we should do for our children's sake, this article ends with a quote from a noted expert to say, actually, we as parents have a lot to gain from being present and engaging with our children. 

Here's a quote from the article:

"In the short term, the time you spend getting to know your child can pay off in a better understanding of how to be that child’s parent, helping you to manage everything from emotional outbursts to homework struggles. But Dr. Rotbart, a new grandfather and the parent of three adult children, takes what he calls the “selfish” long view.

“We have a house with four bedrooms, and all but ours are empty now,” he said. “When you walk down that hallway full of family pictures and past those empty rooms, you want to think, ‘I did the best job I could; I know my kids, and I have a relationship with each of them that I cherish.’” Don’t think of one-on-one time as just something your children need, he says. You need it, too"

I agree! I struggle to balance all the various plates because I don't want to miss out on the fun...I work, but do my best to make the time I am with my children count because when our nest is empty, I would like to walk past those empty bedrooms and cherish the memories we've made while they're young. 

It's my hope that by subscribing to Bumble Box and doing the activities together, our subscribers will have richer memories of their family time spent together. 

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