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Age-appropriate chores for under 8's...

Wondering which sorts of chores your under 8's could take on around the house? We've been pondering this question and have put together a list of the chores our children love the best...and which are most helpful to us day to day and month to month...

Tidying & cleaning

  • Sweeping floors or stairs
  • Vacuuming a rug or few
  • Dusting window frames & low tables (feather dusters make this one fun)
  • Washing the bannister rails and door knobs 
  • Taking out the rubbish and replacing bin liners
  • Cleaning the toilets (they love the brush--may as well learn to do it properly :v)
  • Vacuuming under the beds and sofa
  • Vacuuming the furniture
  • Any task involving spray cleaners and cloths (non-toxic, of course). Ours love to wash windows and tabletops. 
  • Stripping the sheets and duvet from their bed on laundry day
Cooking and meal prep
  • Setting the table for family dinners
  • Washing lower windows where fingerprints gather
  • Clearing the table for dinner
  • Dinner prep tasks which can be done with a butter knife, spoon or safety peeler (guacamole, peeling potatoes and carrots, greasing pans, lining pans with foil, etc)
  • Putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher
  • Feeding pets and refreshing their water
Laundry duty
  • Folding the tea and bath towels, or their own underpants
  • Matching socks
  • Hanging the handwashing onto the drying rack
The great outdoors
  • Sweeping the walk and front entrance
  • Watering potted plants, young trees or indoor plants
  • Wheeling out the rubbish bins on collection days
  • Raking leaves
  • Picking up stray stones, pinecones, conkers or acorns on the lawn
  • Planting flower bulbs and seeds
  • Emptying the food compost bin
So far, we've found that our children (6 and under) relish having 3-4 chores which are their regular responsibility. As they grow and mature, they'll pitch in more. Of course, setting clear direction from the start (when, how, why, how often, etc) and consistently reinforcing the need to follow-through and praising their success will send a clear message that their efforts are important and appreciated.
Many parents with teens have chimed in to say that with hindsight they would've started chores much, in their view, even setting one chore for a 3 year old makes a good start with 6 year olds easily able to handle 4 or more.

Went about things in a different way? We'd love to soak up your wisdom...share with us at k[at]

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