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Our Father's Day action plan

A day with Dad...the Bumble Box way...

What does your partner really want this Father's Day? Turns out, he wants to relax with the family and grill a few steaks. It's really that, here's our action plan for a great day together...

Here's the plan:

  • Of course, have the kids craft Father's Day cards sometime this week. Need an idea? Write 'My Daddy' on the front of a blank card and 'I like him because...' on the inside. Then, ask your children to draw a portrait of their dad on the front of the card and write (or have them write) the reasons they like their father inside as they volunteer them.  
  • On Saturday, buy orange juice, maple syrup, streaky bacon, blueberries, steak, large tomatoes and green beans and red wine or beer. Find our favourite recipes via these links: Fluffy pancakes, grilled steaks & tomatoes, green beans with goat cheese
  • Create a conversation starter jar. Print and trim these thought starters and place them in a jar to spark interesting conversation around the dinner table.
  • Also on Saturday, gather the materials for one or more of these relaxed activities to engage everyone in the family (you probably have all the materials at home already): 
  1. Water balloon piñata. Grab a packet of balloons, some string, an old scarf and a stick. Fill a few balloons with water, tie their ends and hang them at varying heights from a low-hanging tree limb. As with a typical piñata, take turns wearing the blindfold and attempting to hit the water balloons--of course, keeping everyone else at a safe distance. 
  2. Snail race. Have some chalk lying about? Great! Go on a family snail hunt to find 2-4 contestants in the early morning hours. Then, using the chalk, draw a bullseye on a bit of pavement. Take bets on which of the snails you've collected will place first, second and third in the contest. Place the snails at the centre of the bullseye and whichever exits the circles first wins. 
  3. Matchbox scavenger hunt. Have a couple matchboxes in the house? Remove the matches from the boxes and head outdoors for a scavenger hunt. Set a time limit (5-15 mins works well). Break into two teams and see which team is able to place the highest number of unique objects into their box before the timer goes off. 
  4. Water balloon toss. Grab a few balloons. Take turns standing in pairs, throwing a water balloon to one another until one person misses and gets drenched. Whenever a player catches the balloon, they take a step back--whenever a player misses the balloon, but it doesn't burst, the player will take a step forward. 
  5. Ball battle. Grab a bit of rope or string (5 meters will do) and 3-6 soft balls. Break into two teams and heave soft balls at one another--anyone who's hit with a ball is out. The last team with players in the game wins the round. 
  • On Sunday morning, let Dad have a lie in while the kids make  homemade blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, orange juice and streaky bacon. They'll present their Father's Day card. 
  • Sunday morning or afternoon, play the games you've selected from the mix above. 
  • Sunday afternoon/evening present your partner with a glass of wine or beer and solicit their help with the grill. 
  • Finally, during or after dinner, pull out the conversation jar and take turns pulling a clipping from the jar, posing the question selected to someone sitting around the table. 
Wishing you a memorable family day...
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