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Mummy's time. Daddy's time.

As we run about town tending to what our family needs--are we, as parents, remembering to take a moment out for ourselves?

To be happy and healthy, research says we need all need independence, purpose and growth.

Parenthood is a purpose engine…so, regardless of what we get up to professionally, or personally--no doubt we parents are swimming in purpose. 

Many of us find growth through work--learning and practicing new skills on the job (whether that work is inside or outside the home). But for anyone who’s not challenged at work, of course hobbies and interests are a great way to check the box for growth and independence. What did you like to do before children? Painting? Cooking? Exercise? Travel? Languages? Learning to be a sommelier? Skiing? Singing? Volunteer work? Start there...

I enjoyed art, photography and painting pre-children--and I also enjoyed training for various runs and sporting challenges. So, I'm now bringing these hobbies and interests back to life.

So, as we parents run about shuttling our children to and fro--or running about town trying to make it back home from work in time for dinner--let's give a thought to our parents who most likely did these things for us. Our parents would've done the to'ing and fro'ing so that we would have varied interests and a source of fulfilment and stress relief in life. We owe it to ourselves--and to our parents and children--to retain those interests and elements of life which bring us joy.

So, what interests you? What three things will you do to support your pre-kids hobbies and interests this week, month, or year?

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