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Making a fairy garden…

Bumble Box kit concepting process exposed. ​

In June 2016, we devoted our Bumble Box to ‘enchantment’. As one of the 3 activities within the kit, we included everything Bumble Box families would need to make their very own fairy garden.

No matter what the theme or kit contents, the activities in each Bumble Box go through thorough testing at Bumble Box HQ. We do the research, the shopping, the testing…the retesting…we suffer all the ups and downs so that our Bumble Box families will have a good experience with the final product.

In the case of our fairy garden kits, we spent a day searching for the perfect dishes. With lovely little dishes in hand, we then turned our attention to choosing the perfect cottage, people and plants to bring our little scene to life.

As is often the case, we didn’t get our selections right on the first try. So, we spent one afternoon painting our very own bobbin people. Another afternoon making cottages from air-dry clay. The cottages and people weren’t completely to scale and the wood and clay were bothersome with water in the mix, so we searched for alternatives. With a few twists and turns along the way, we eventually found the right sort of people and cottages to bring our Bumble Box fairy gardens to life. We can tell a similar tale with the plants. The pathway materials. The compost. The spritzer bottles. The moss.

With samples shipping from abroad and a few rounds of revisions to get each kit just right, our Bumble Box development process typically spans 2-3 months. We love coming up with the concepts and seeing families’ reactions to our kits—for us, the challenge of getting all the elements together is what makes our job so fun.  

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