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Kid-friendly Smoothie Pops

for Summer Days

A few recipes to pop in the freezer for summery days ahead....

July's 'Keeping Cool' kit included smoothie pop recipes. Have lolly moulds in the house? No? Never worry--grab a couple small disposable cups and some lolly sticks and you'll be set (pour the smoothie mixture into the cups and place the sticks in upright before placing them in the freezer).

Here are a few recipes to get you started:

The Quick Banana.

Fruit: 2 peeled bananas (the riper the better!)

Liquid: 1 mug milk

Thickener: 1 spoon of yogurt (natural, or vanilla)

Sweetener: 1 spoon of honey

The Lassi

Fruit: 2 ripe mangoes, peeled and cubed


Fruit: ½ mug peaches, cubed

Liquid: ½ mug milk

Thickener: 1 mug yogurt (natural or vanilla)

Sweetener: Honey to taste

Flavouring: 4 fresh mint leaves (optional)

The ‘No Blender’

Fruit: 1 mug of squashed strawberries with caps removed

Liquid: ½ mug orange juice

Thickener: 1 mug yogurt

Sweetener: 1 ripe squashed banana, peeled

The Dairy Free

Fruit: 1 1/2 mugs blueberries Liquid: ½ mug orange juice

Liquid: ½ mug coconut milk

Thickener: ½ mug porridge oats


2 fresh mint leaves, chopped (optional)

1 spoon of lime juice (to taste)

1 spoonful of honey (to taste)

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