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Inspired family time

At restaurants and on the go...

You're seated in a restaurant and have at least 20 minutes before the food arrives. Eek! You could pull out the iPad, or attempt the colouring placemat...again. 

Here are a few ideas to pull out, instead:

  • Tabletop football: Grab a couple straws and bunch up the wrappers to make a round ball. Place the salt and pepper shakers on opposite sides of the table as makeshift goals. Assign teams and goals and voila--let the game begin!
  • Pass the Pigs: So, a bit of pre-planning necessary here, but we love this little piggy dice game and it rarely leaves our bag. 
  • Uno: This game in our 'go bag'. Simple enough for ages 3+ and fun enough to keep the whole family engaged. 
  • Conversation starters: We keep a bag of conversation starters in our 'go bag' for times like these. Just print, trim and pop them into a waterproof bag to take along. 
  • Bumble Box subscribers--grab Bird Match from the March kit and Ship, Captain and Crew from the May kit--they're perfect for inspiring quality time on the go. 
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