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Favourite Weeknight Dinners

With 20 minutes on the clock...

We've all lived it...we know how it have 20 minutes to get a healthy dinner on the table and the kiddies are going crazy. Here's our top 5 favourites for the list...

Squash curry: Reduce the water by half and this will make a more solid curry rather than a soup. To make things easier, we also use crystallised ginger rather than fresh.

Honey sesame chicken: It takes 20 minutes to pop this mix into the slow cooker in the morning and pays dividends come dinner time.

Asian salmon bowl with lime drizzle: This one is so, so easy...and fresh. Don't fret with the sesame seeds...they're not critical and the kiddies pick them out anyhow.

Shrimp and pancetta on polenta: A simplified version of a southern American classic dish.

Zesty haddock with potatoes and crushed peas: This one's always on the request list...fresh and simple.

Like these? Send us a line and we'll post a few more favourites. k[at]

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