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Favourite hot chocolate

YUM! I love a good cup of hot chocolate.

As a kid, our house was situated at the top of a lofty hill. To go sledging on a snowy day, we’d just head out the basement door, trudge our way 50 steps, pack a path and go! We’d spent a few hours sledging and then return home for mama to warm us up.

The woodstove would be boiling hot with a lively fire popping inside. Mama would’ve heard us coming and quickly finished a pot of fresh, homemade hot chocolate and have it waiting for us. There was nothing better…

As an adult, I know all the work that mama put in to making those snowy mornings magical. While she never said so, no doubt she had heard the forecast days in advance, checked the wellies for sizing, washed up all the wooly socks, coats and gloves, stocked up on cocoa and sharpened the sledge rails before the first flake flew. Thanks, mum!

Now, as a 38 year old with young children myself, though my children have hardly seen snow, they definitely know a good cup of hot chocolate when they see it…here are my tips for an ideal cup:

  • Use this easy recipe from Epicurious, go low on the sugar and buy the highest quality cocoa powder you can find (we like Green & Black’s).
  • For the creamiest hot chocolate, mix equal parts cream and whole milk for the base
  • Fancy a frothy top? Continuously whisk the milk in a sauce pan, or pop all the ingredients into a Nespresso milk frother--our Christmas splurge.
  • We like to mix up all the ingredients (except the milk & cream) in advance, substituting vanilla powder for vanilla extract. All the dry ingredients for 10 servings or more can be premixed and popped into a jar for later.


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