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Family-friendly cycle destinations

Our thoughts for UK families on wheels...

As a family, we love a good day spent in the countryside on foot or along a cycle trail...and we hate cars, so if you're looking for cycle destinations accessible by public transport, we've got you covered.

1. Lee Valley (photo above): This lovely long loop is great for families. The route run from near Shadwell (in east London along the Thames) all the way up into Hertfordshire. Since the trail runs along a canal for most of the route, it's essential that everyone's steady on their wheels...or safely tucked into a cycle seat at the back of mum or dad's cycle. Bring a picnic, set off from Broxbourne--trains from Liverpool Street (hire cycles at the very family-friendly LVCC) and tuck into dinner at The Crown (riverside) just after turning in your hire bikes. (30 minutes by train from east London)

2. New Forest (photo above). We've shared our love for the New Forest before...the cycle paths are family-friendly and car-free. With a cycle hire located just outside Brockenhurst Station (with direct trains from Clapham Junction), it's easily accessible for Londoners. (~2 hours by train from SW London)

3. Wandle River trail (photo above). While there are a few junctions, most of this trail is car free--weaving through green spaces along the Wandle from Wandsworth to Charshalton (SW London). No cycles? No problem--the lovely folks at Go Pedal will meet up with you along the route to deliver your cycles and pick them up again.

4. Richmond (photo above). Most Londoners will know this Thames-side trail which runs from Richmond to Hampton Court Palace. Stop for a cup of tea at Petersham Nurseries (they have bike racks). Though you'll be spoilt for choice of pubs and restaurants along the way, we like to take along a picnic lunch for a stress-free riverside amble. Don't have cycles? Hire them at Richmond Station...

Bumble Box kits are designed to bring families together. We catch animals' footprints in the sand, give the trees a shake to see what's living in there, host a Family Olympics, plant a fairy garden, race homemade boats in the get the drift. Together, we'll make it through your family-time bucket list. Learn more about Bumble Box here.

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