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Drowning in Stuff...

Feeling cluttered this Christmas?

We've found a formula for gifting to resist gathering more...

Our house is feeling cluttered this Christmas. Every day, more and more paper comes...sweet drawings presented as gifts from my kiddies dot about my nightstand, dressing table, mantel pieces, walls, countertops, purse, tote, name it and it's probably covered in white paper. Their drawings make me happy and I love them...but I can't for the life of me figure out where to put them all :)

Add to this all the toys and books which our kids have lost interest in, but aren't quite ready to part with...and all the books and toys they still use, and all the lovely Christmas gifts that are about to pop into the house from grandparents and you'll likely have a vision of what's on my mind. And maybe yours, too?

What to do? [No, seriously...I don't know...any ideas?]

So, since I'm feeling very cluttered this Christmas, the last thing I really want to do is add more to the, how can we celebrate Christmas as a family without piling on more...

Last week, I read a lovely article someplace (wish I could remember where and credit them!), but within the article the wise soul suggested a formula for Christmas shopping which we aim to adopt this year. Here goes...

Gift each child:

  • something they need
  • something they want
  • something to wear
  • something to read

Lovely! And if you're looking for that perfectly special something to read...I highly recommend the loveliest book I've ever read...The Folio Society's edition of 'The Wind in the Willows' with illustrations by Charles van Sandwyk.

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