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Drawing (and painting) made easy

by Kimberly Mears

I visited the Australian Impressionists Exhibition at the National Gallery in London a few weeks ago and really loved what I found. Having grown up on a cattle farm in America, all the scenes captured amongst the works reminded me of home. The hoards of young trees and scrubby bush, the livestock being herded along hillside trails, the pallettes of gold, blue & green. Everything.

Heading home, I was inspired to pick up a brush and paints. You know the hardest bit about painting? Drawing…

When drawing, I find that it’s really tricky to get the proportions right and this becomes very tricky, indeed, when people and animals are involved. I’m no artist. So, when it comes to drawing, I like to work from a favourite photo. I draw a grid onto a sheet protector using a Sharpie and tuck the photo inside. Then, I draw a grid onto the paper and use masking tape to ‘frame’ the grid (giving the work a clean outline). Rather than drawing the complete scene all at once, I focus on what appears within each square—this helps me to gauge proportions and scale.

With the drawing out of the way, I can put brush to paper and play.

I find that my children have begun emulating me and my arty ways—now, they often ask me to borrow a ‘grid protector’ and a favourite photo when they pull out the paints. This makes me happy and sad. I love the uninhibited style of my children’s original works sans gridding—perhaps it’s I who should be picking up their tricks, instead. 

Kimberly is the founder of Bumble Box. Bumble Box kits are designed to bring families together. We catch animals' footprints in the sand, give the trees a shake to see what's living in there, host a Family Olympics, plant a fairy garden, race homemade boats in the get the drift. Together, we'll make it through your family-time bucket list.

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