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Our favourite picks for British summer days out

For the first few years we lived in the UK, we traveled by air to someplace sunny a few times each Spring/Summer. Of course, we had good reasons for all those air miles, but we've taken a different path over the last few years and have noticed that we're much happier and satisfied as a result. 

Every March/April we make a list of thought starters for lovely sunny days to come. Then, whenever there's a sunny weekend forecast, we quickly plot our way and go!

Here's what's on our list for this year...

  • Seal spotting at Blakeney Point (done and such a great break)
  • Bristol Balloon Festival (coming mid-August)
  • Punting in Cambridge (done))
  • Blackberry picking 
  • Octavia Centenary trail near Seven Oaks (done and lovely!)
  • Epping Forest hike
  • Petts Wood Circular Hike (done and lovely!)
  • Windsor International Horse Show (lovely day out each May)
  • Cycling a bit of the Camel Trail in Cornwall (waiting until tourist season is over)
  • Visiting for the Azalea Bloom at Isabella Plantation (done and lovely!)

And last year?

  • 'Pick your own' 
  • New Forest hike (magical!)
  • Rhododendron blooms in Dulwich Park's American garden
  • Rockpooling at Broadstairs
  • Orchard cafe (Cambridge) in Autumn
  • Hever Castle
  • Horseback riding

What's on your lovely day list?

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