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Cambridge with kids

No prosecco this time around...

Last weekend, we took our minis out to Cambridge for a punt about. My partner and I took turns steering and propelling and our minis mainly people-watched as the hen and stag do barges passed and it was a lovely, sunny day...but I did come away with a few key lessons that are I think are worth sharing for other families considering the day trip:

  1. Arrive in time for yours to be the first boat out. Hen and stag parties seem to arrive from noon. 
  2. Wait until your children can swim. This way, they'll be confident enough to have a go at steering with the pole. 
  3. We walk EVERYWHERE--typically 3-5 miles+ per day. That said, if going by train, we recommend taking the bus from the station to town centre (nearer the boat pick-up). For little feet, this mile is a long, hot, crowded walk. And if you're going on a sunny day, the pavements will be crowded. 
  4. Make it festive by bringing along sparkling apple juice to share. 
  5. Visit 6 ice cream. YUM! It's the best we found in town...
  6. If you're driving, after punting head out of town centre to the nearby 'Orchard Cafe' in Grantchester. Enjoy the shade of the apple trees as you have a cream tea. 

If going again, I'd scout out more low-key punting destinations...rumour has it that Canterbury is a lovely option (with fewer hen and stag parties and mid-river beer fests to reckon with). Oh, dear. I sound terribly old... :)

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