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Calming the frazzled mind

Meditation helps me to enjoy the moment I'm in...

I must cut out the carbs…buy a costume for Bella's party…fix that broken door latch…arrange something to do with the kids this weekend…make it to school in time for pick-up…bring some healthy snacks for the commute…pop in the laundry when I wake up…if you’re like me, that silly list goes on and on and will never give us a rest.

Last Autumn, my mind was racing with lists of to-do’s and not to-do’s. That silly monkey mind was exhausting me?! So, with a busy mind that seemed to never still, I remembered a conversation with a client many years ago…he’s been practicing Vedic meditation since 1978(?!) and mentioned that he had gifted his children the course because it was the single most worthwhile thing he had ever invested in. With a calm, meditative mind, he’s built a successful brand and managed to stayed focused on what really matters in life--people.

So, I signed up for a meditation course and now, 3 months on, I can see why my client was/is such a fan. With regular meditation, my monkey mind has calmed. Those to-do lists are still running at times, but they’re more easily stilled. I’m more present when I’m playing with my children and going about my work. And I’m more creative and focused day to day.

I chose a Vedic meditation course from Will Williams meditation in London. For me, the greatest thing about this particular sort of meditation is that I’m able to easily fit it into my life’s routine. I’m quietly sitting with eyes closed for 20 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon. I meditate on the bus, train, in the office, on the sofa, at the kitchen table…I don’t need a recording--or even a quiet/private space. Meditation hits ‘reset’ on my brain. And, though I’ll sound crazy, meditation seems to be rewiring my brain…I feel the blood flow changing…this sounds odd (and feels odd), but it’s true for me. Greatest of all is that meditation seems to be training my mind to focus on the moment I'm in...

So, if your monkey mind has taken over your brain and you’re looking for relief—have a look at meditation. For a Vedic meditation course, I would highly recommend Will Williams Meditation as they’re lovely (Jess is an angel) and they take great care of the people who come along to the course.

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