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Bursting Bubbles

Getting out of our comfort zone...

As the dust settles from Brexit and Trumpgate, have you been wondering why and how countries have become so divided these days? If you have, you're not alone...

I attended my first Live Ted Talk last Autumn on the Eve of the US Presidential Election Day. Jon Yates of The Challenge gave a talk on why we're seeing so many divisions these days. Boiling it down, we all live in bubbles.

Think about's true. Is someone in your circle of friends...


-aged 80+

-African (first generation)

-Asian (first generation)

-living in council housing


-in University

-without a diploma


-upper class

-an Oxbridge grad

-eastern European

If you're like me, everyone in your circle will share 80% of the characteristics of you. It's human nature. We seek out friends who share our values and who make us feel good about our choices. But, true to the cliche, to understand another person is to walk a mile in their shoes. We can't truly understand how others live and the decisions they make without first having a conversation and getting to know them and the challenges they face.

Before Jon's Ted Talk, we had made efforts to burst our family's bubble (with limited success), but hearing Jon's chat made me realise the urgency of the mission. With much talk in the professional world about the need to upgrade your peer group to maximise your potential, I think it's also important to realise the need to diversify your group in order to maximise our potential as a human being. 

Diversifying our peer group is easier said than done. The Challenge run workshops bringing together 15-18 year olds from the most privileged and needy backgrounds and setting challenges for the group to achieve together. How can we bring other age groups together to start bursting those bubbles?

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