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The family behind Bumble Box

Families who play together...

Picture it.

A working mum who’s paid to think for a living sits atop an overturned sofa in the center of her lounge wearing a sailor’s hat; she's surrounded by an ocean of watery rug. Cushions are scattered about her on the floor. She’d forgive you if you didn’t realise the cushions are actually the burning ramparts of her sunken tea clipper. Sweet little voices chant ‘walk the plank, walk the plank’, she’s surrounded by her hip-high captors. Before taking her final leap, she’s offered a moment to reflect, and thinks ‘never, again.’

You, see…that was me in September 2015. I had been there least ten times before. My lovely children are creatures of habit, but the frequent repetition they crave isn’t a great match for a mum with a short attention span, like me. Bored by my family’s maritime fixation,  I craved variety to stay sane, happy and engaged in play. This was late September 2015.

Looking for a ‘kit’ to provide a bit of quality-time inspiration for active families like mine, I was disappointed by what was on offer. All the kits were too crafty to engage my boys—we needed something more active—but, active play with a purpose. So, after 15 years spent as a marketing consultant for everyone from big global brands down to the tiniest start ups, I set out to launch my own brand, Bumble Box, a line of monthly quality-time kits to inspire memorable family moments. 

Now, 5 boxes in, I LOVE my job. Comments from happy families enjoying more inspired time together make my day. My boys love being Bumble Box testers, there's a waiting list for our playgroups to trial new ideas and I love that these little boxes are helping busy families to reconnect. We're not perfect yet and have a lot to figure out, but we're getting closer every day and would be honoured to have your family along for the journey...

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