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Balloon Ride

An 'Enchanted Meditation' to take you away...

Does your house ever seem to take on a life of its own this time of year? Ours does...this month, we're sharing a few tips and tools from the experts to restore a sense of calm when things get hairy.

Lovely Christiane at Calm for Kids has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for years and years. With nearly 20 years under the belt teaching yoga and mindfulness for kids and families, we believe she's well versed in how to calm the mind and restore a sense of peace at home. Her meditations work for our family and we'd like to share one with you.

This month (October 2016), we're offering our subscribers a favourite track from Christiane's 'Enchanted Meditations' CD as tool to restore peace and calm at home. This track will take the family on an imaginary balloon ride. So, whenever you want to press the 'reset' button, give this dose of Willy Wonka-style magic a play.

Calm for Kids' 'Hot Air Balloon' track is free for our October 2016 kit recipients, please click the button at top, or on the Calm for Kids logo below to access and play the track.

Liked the 'Hot Air Balloon Ride' and want more? Tweet the folks @calm_for_kids to let them know, or download the complete 'Enchanted Meditations' album and loads of other wonderful tools and resources at

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