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Ten years ago, my husband and I decided to go on an adventure abroad. Loads of amazing memories have come as a result of that decision as we've now lived in London for 10 years and love it so much that we've decided to make a life and raise a family here. To stay in touch with life by home, we have Skype calls with grandparents, send birthday gifts by post a month in advance and miss countless weddings and events abroad. Our life spans at least two continents.

Two of our sons' close friends are moving. One family is moving a 10 hour flight away. The other family's moving a 2 hour train journey away. Soon, our lovely afternoon playdates in the local park with these two families will be a thing of the past. No doubt these are just the first of many friends who will move away during our children's lifetime and there will be countless other friends to replace them in time, but we think this is a great chance to help our children to see that friendships can span continents (and countries) and time.

In the end, we're going the old school pen pal route. We're gifting our boys and their friends notecards with the promise that we'll mail whatever they write. And thanks to modern technology, of course, they can Skype whenever they fancy...but how wonderful it would be if our children ended up with pen pals in the Caribbean, the Midlands, the States, Canada Germany, France, Namibia, you name it...while Facebook is wonderful, we think there's something lovely about physically holding a card from a friend faraway. Come to think of it, we should do a bit more old school penning, ourself.

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