• About Bumble Box

    Meet the Bumble Box Family

    Hi--I'm Kimberly, the founder of Bumble Box. I started putting together Bumble Box kits in 2015.


    I like to play games, make stuff and get dirty with my kids. Wanting a kit to inspire our family-time, the kit I was looking for didn't exist. So, I started boxing up the activities I was looking for.


    Bumble Box kits get families moving, learning and crafting together.

    Here we are...

    Ours is a boisterous crew

    Our children are 3 & 5 and bounding with energy. We live in London, so, it can be difficult to keep everyone cooped up on a dreary day.

    Blue skies call...

    We get outdoors

    On Saturday mornings, we turn off the tech and make blueberry pancakes together.


    I grew up on a cattle farm in Virginia, so I like to get everyone out for a hike whenever I'm feeling a bit homesick or bored.

    We're low-tech

    And we like to get our hands dirty

    While we're out and about, we look for butterflies and frogs, catch tadpoles, look for animals' footprints in the sand, and get muddy whenever a friendly dog pounces.


    In short, we like to get dirty and have fun together--preferably outdoors.

    I founded Bumble Box in 2015, here's why...

    Picture it...

    A working mum who’s paid to think for a living sits atop an overturned sofa wearing a sailor’s hat, surrounded by an ocean of watery rug. Cushions are scattered about her on the floor.


    She'd forgive if you didn't realise that the cushions are the burning ramparts of her sunken tea clipper. Sweet little voices chant ‘walk the plank, walk the plank’; she’s surrounded by her hip-high captors. Before taking her final plunge, she’s offered a moment to reflect ‘never, again.’


    [Photo: A knee-high captor in action.]

    She's been here before...

    You, see…Kimberly has been here before. MANY times before. Her children are creatures of habit, but the frequent repetition they crave isn’t a great match for Kimberly’s need for mental stimulation. She’s bored by her offspring’s maritime fixation, and all the other repetitive games and role plays which have come before. Kimberly craves variety--she needs it to stay sane, happy and engaged with her children at playtime. This was late September 2015.


    [Photo: Here's Kimberly with her pirate crew.]

    A little inspiration...

    Looking for a ‘kit’ to provide quality-time inspiration for her active family, Kimberly was disappointed by what was on offer. All the kits were too crafty to engage her boys—she needed something more active.


    After 15 years working as a consultant for big global brands down to the tiniest start ups (and a couple months of planning between), Kimberly launched the product she'd been looking for.


    [Photo: Kimberly and her family]

    Bumble Box is for parents who like to play...

    Bumble Box is a subscription box for active parents who like to play with their kids. Bumble Box isn't for parents who'd like their children to sit in the corner quietly.


    Bumble Box families turn off the tech and spend a little quality-time doing something together. Bumble Box kits are the secret sauce for families who'd like to make memories rather than just pass the time.


    [Photo: My boys and I on a hike near Sevenoaks.]

    Racing boats

    Lovely, low-key family-time...

    I like for my children to get dirty, learn by doing, be mindful and think creatively.


    We're making the most of our family's 'small years' so that when our nest is empty, we can cherish the memories of this lovely (if exhausting) chapter of life with young children at home.


    [Photo: Here, we're racing boats on a stream in Pett's Wood, Kent]

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