• Activity Kits for Active Families

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    Activity Kits for Active Families

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  • Bumble Box family activity kits.

    Make the most of your family-time...

    Inspired activities make family-time more fun

    More variety. More fun!

    So far, Bumble Box families have hosted a Family Olympics, planted fairy gardens, captured animals' footprints in the sand, made worry dolls, played nature bingo, hosted a night at the puppet show theatre, crafted a family art exhibition, painted leafy tea towels, lobbed sparkly poms at one another with homemade catapults...the list goes on and on.

    Enjoy your family-time

    We handle the planning, shopping and delivery. With us, you can play!

    With Bumble Box, you'll have inspiration at the ready whenever the family's together.


    Bumble Box will get your creative juices flowing and help your young family to find and keep their happy.

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    Perfect for young families

    Our kits are designed with the needs of families with 3-8 year olds in mind.


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